Cookies Policy

Cookies are small devices that store and recover data that are installed on the computer of the user and also provide concrete services through the web site. They are essential elements in the day to day functioning of the internet.

The creation of the current Cookies Policy is in accordance with the need to implement a system through which users are aware of the installation and use of cookies and similarly aware of the destination and use of their internet data that can range from very few kilobytes to various megabytes.

Besides these cookies which are strictly necessary for navigating the web, TICKETBIS, S.L. uses cookies and follow-up files, the use of which, not only facilitates and allows for the navigation of the users but also to collect statistical data like: date of first visit, number of visits, date of last visit, URL and domain from where they come from, browser use, screen resolution and user´s navegational habits. These are cookies from web analytics that allow the owners of the websites to know the level of participation of the users and these cookies can be that of the owner or of a third party.

Specifically, the uses are:

Cookies will not be installed onto the computer until you begin navigating the web through the following actions:

In all instances the user can terminate the generation and installation of cookies on their computer, by means of specific applications for this purpose or the selection of the corresponding options in their browser:

However, we take no responsibility for the deactivation of these same cookies that may impede the functioning of the page.

We use cookies to improve our web services. If you continue browsing, we consider that you agree to its use. Learn more about Cookie Policy here.