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Sporting de Gijon was founded in Gijon, Spain, in 1905. It is one of Spanish football's most well-loved and storied clubs. Matches in the El Molinon stadium are known for being nearly full, so you need to buy your Sporting Gijon tickets as soon as possible to ensure that you get a seat.

The fans of Sporting de Gijon, known as Sportinguistas, are considered to be among the best in Spanish football. They are known for traveling large groups to support their team, so even away Sporting Gijon tickets may be gone if you don't act quickly. If you are lucky enough to get tickets for a Sporting Gijon game, you'll find the atmosphere friendly, supportive, and quite noisy. This is especially true as the team is in La Liga, highest division of Spanish football, which is known for its packed stadiums and raucous fans.

The storied history of the club is one of the things that attracts prospective fans. As previously mentioned, it was founded in 1905. This makes Gijon one of the oldest clubs in Spain. The team has had several chances to win major honors over the years, but haven't quite been able to take any yet. Gijon finished second in La Liga in the 1978-1979 season. They also finished runner-up in the Copa Del Rey, Spain's biggest tournament, in 1981 and 1982. While Gijon hasn't won any major honors yet, the faithful continue to dream of a day when they will, and they get tickets for their games wherever they may be. Buy your Sporting de Gijon tickets today!


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