What’s better than hearing Phlake's new album? Seeing Phlake perform said album live! Oh wait, you’re going to need Phlake tickets... Hold on a minute, that’s what we do! Yes, here at StubHub we’re offering all the Phlake tickets you could possibly desire, of course, you have to buy them, but let’s not forget you can also sell Phlake tickets! With Phlake becoming the talk of the town, buy your Phlake tickets now!


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A​l​l tickets are paid in ILS. Prices in USD are estimated for informative purposes.

Upcoming international events

NorthSide Festival, Aarhus, Denmark
Partout ticket includes access from the 9th of June until the 11th June 2017 (Whole festival) Line-up: Radiohead, Frank Ocean, Bastille, Mø, Run the Jewels, Thomas Helmig, Bisse, Liss, Phalke mm.
From USD383.65 ILS1,407.42 There are 41 tickets left
From USD383.65 There are 41 tickets left
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Tusindårsskoven, Odense, Denmark
Partout tickets for the whole festival June 22 - 24 (hour to be confirmed)
From USD348.76 ILS1,279.41 There are 32 tickets left
From USD348.76 There are 32 tickets left
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