As the fastest team sport, only NBA tickets will provide you with that much-needed thrill. Don’t waste another second daydreaming about being courtside while last-minute 3-pointers are dramatically changing the face of the league. Given the growing popularity of NBA basketball outside the US, make sure you buy your tickets quickly. Sellers can also take advantage of our online e-ticket platform to sell any spare tickets. 

"You'll be on the edge of your seat throughout"

Television cannot convey the atmosphere of trainers screeching across the fresh basketball court as the players dribble and shoot for glory. The swooshing sound of the net through the air resounds, meaning only one of two things – a great win or a devastating loss. Smiles, cheers, tears and anger fill the air, as that fateful game has come to an end. Who will it be this time? Obviously, the sheer speed can only be truly appreciated from courtside. Don’t waste another minute without feeling the thrill of top-level basketball. Get your NBA game tickets today so that you are sure to be there next time, rather than being confined to your sofa for all the best bits. 

The NBA was founded in the late 1940s in New York City, and has since grown to contain thirty franchise teams. The success of this American sport has enabled basketball to surface in other parts of the world previously unknown to the 'Basketball scene'. For instance, Europe no has a very competitive league and Spain, in particular, has begun to challenge the US for Olympic honours. 

The current thirty teams participating include twenty-nine USA teams and one Canadian team, known as the Toronto Raptors. These teams are divided into the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, each containing three divisions with five teams in each. The Eastern Conference is comprised of the Atlantic Division, the Central Division and the Southeast Division, while the Western Conference includes the Northwest Division, the Pacific Division and the Southwest Division. Only the top eight teams with the best records in each conference secure a spot in the NBA playoffs, where they then compete within their corresponding conference for the Conference Title. The two best teams from each Conference compete in the NBA Final to be named NBA Champions of the season. Be there with your favourite team this season by purchasing your tickets for NBA games and witnessing the best and worst moments that make you team who they are. Will they make it to the playoffs this time around? See for yourself and buy your tickets today! 

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