Polo Polo
Who doesn’t love a good joke, be it the quick wit of the classic short joke such as; “Obesity cures wrinkles” or the long winding narrative of a meta-joke, comedy comes in many flavours, and we at Ticketbis can’t get enough of it! It is with that sentiment that Ticketbis is proud to announce tickets for Polo Polo! Yes this is your chance to catch this fine comedy genius, as they sweep the country in a country-wide tour of the country. So waste not a moment more and buy your Polo Polo tickets now, and prepare for an evening filled with mirth and laughter!


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  • Mexico
A​l​l tickets are paid in ILS. Prices in USD are estimated for informative purposes.

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Auditorio del Complejo Cultural Universitario, Puebla, Mexico
From USD35.35 From USD29.05 ILS135.38 ILS111.24 There are +100 tickets left
From USD35.35 There are +100 tickets left
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